Hospital emergency codes – Wikipedia

20180402-1126. So the hospital’s public address system announced a ‘Code Blue’ a few minutes ago. I looked up the definition online and read that the patient is in cardiopulmonary arrest and needs resuscitation.

An article elsewhere mentioned that there is NO standard coloration and whatnot! Now, if y’all wanna keep it simple, I thought everything is standardized for ease and convenience.

For example, the online health accounts for Mom’s hospital and my location are almost the same. So when I log online I know which tab to navigate and download whatever test results and inbox messages into my main computer.

Of course, I shouldn’t worry about her freaking crap. I really don’t care about her crap because the professionals can take of her crappy complaints better than me.

She’s complaining too much since I was born. She complains that I’m on the computer too much, that I don’t pull out the beautiful dandelion flowering plants!

But the dataset is handy to share with the swollen one in case she happens to ask later on. She can ask the professionals as I can only provide whatever is downloaded for her to read.

So yeah, I need a break from these two elderly old farts and the old farts at two choir gigs. These old farts only worry about external crap and don’t give others a break from their complaints.


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