Watch “Dr. Mandell Surprises Kids in the Streets of Cebu, Philippines” on YouTube

20180402-2211. While trying to vacuum uneaten food from the refrigerator to avoid spoilage and since I don’t wanna waste God’s food, I viewed this recent video.

He has lots of good health-related material. But I’ve only watched a couple, though I’ve subscribed to his YouTube channel.

One thing he and other whitish humanz gotta understan, noble though they appear, most Filipinos who immigrated HONESTLY to American learned to stop helping their relatives because the help is endless.

And though my maternal relatives refused to ask us for help, I’m ashamed to see these humanz shamelessly go up to the guy and beg for food – with outstretched hands. I do NOT see my own fellow Americans blatantly doing that to us in my neighborHOOD!

So yeah, I’d hate to be harsh, but the corruption is rampant in the Philippines and some Americanized Pinoys left everything behind because the value of land, resources, and family aren’t the same.

And CR’s Ilocano husband wants to go on vacation in the Philippines. But we warned CR to be careful NOT to look expensive. She’s afraid of going. Brouhaha!

That’s why I do NOT approve of charity. I can see corruption in the churches and other non-profit organizations. But I’m saying anything.

Nope. Y’all refuse to heed the blog of Evil Kitty. Your choice. Y’all can help once. But only once. You’ll understand. I know.

By the way, if y’all see toddlers with pale reddish or blond hair, that is due to poverty and starvation. My mom said that she had hair coloration. I understand why she reminds us the saying of her elders: feed your children from your own shoulders.

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