Watch “Watch DMX Expose The Illuminati | RARE FOOTAGE (2018)” on YouTube


Welp, he is yet another ‘recommended’ YouTube video link that showed up on my account list.

He told his truth – trust less, find Jesus Christ. The industry only cares that you make money for them in exchange for your artistic talent, happiness and relationship with others.

The things about selling his soul to the devil and meeting fake people including faggots are those temptations – wickedness and snares – meant to entrap the gullible away from seeking the good and God.

He is hostile because others control what they want him to say and do. That’s what the industry is afraid of revealing – the truth about blackmailing and liars (like you Pete).

I’m sure he’d call out their names in a drop of a hat pin. But it’s part of the entrapment and price of this or any industry. Shut up or be black balled or listed in my case.

An the incoming thoughts include the industry of non-profit organizations, charity, and churches alike where money changers infiltrate the hearts and minds of followers.

Just pray that he and others see that America like other nations are controlled by little dictators that separate families such as child custody and other the-rapists.

Only instead of being jailed for life or shot dead, America can punish in certain ways financially, psychologically, and with drugs.

I wonder how mom’s hospital is treating her – milking the insurance, giving her drugs, curing any disease. It’s a heavily liberal, progressive hospital.

Scary stuff as I sensed the wariness of the staff and students outta the corners of my eyeballs, which Mom has complained. Uh huh. Psychotronic is an incoming word – 0328 am.

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