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Mom has been in the hospital for one week. This morning she had a ‘cardiac arrest’. She said that there was a high-tech sitting chair during her attack. With the removal of the pacemaker, she’s gotten atrial fibrillation. But her blood pressure didn’t go down. Instead it went up. Hmm.

As few minutes ago, Kathy the night-time nurse said that her EKG is okay. Everything seems okay. But the swollen one continues to complain about her upset stomach, which she communicated to this same nurse from last night as being a ‘referred pain’.

I believe this ‘referred pain’ may be due to the ‘CHF’, or cardiac heart failure. For example, her endocrinologist told us that long ago, he was rebuked by his PEER GROUPS for his suggestion that pulmonary stuff are inter-correlated to cardiac stuff.

So while Mom is being seen by the sleep, chest (which is related to lung) disorder doctor  for her SOB, or shortness of breath, and thusly the insurance is wasting its time trying to figure out WTF is wrong with her, her symptoms of bronchitis, asthma, and whatnot related to pulmonary function has seemed to all but disappear!

And this marked improvement was due to the TAVR, or transcatheter aortic valve replacement last July 2017. And since they removed the ‘temporary’ pacemaker, which may have been a trigger to her high temperature feature and or blood infection, though the MASR blood culture showed NEGATIVE, she’s been having upset stomach and afibs.

So during lunch today with Dad, I ranted about how the PEER GROUPS fail to support or at least try the ideas or suggestions regarding cardiac-related anomalies. The PEER GROUPS fail to support or at least try to test the theories that all sickness and diseases are heart-related. Hmm.

Anyway, I feel that this referred pain of her upset stomach could be because she isn’t eating solid food so well. Her appetite isn’t great. Food tastes sour to her. And she continues to complain of having trouble swallowing.

Whatever the case, I think ‘they’ violated the prolonging of her suffering with the procedure, which truly has helped her loose forty pounds of fluid. Recently, I saw a test on her CORTISOL but that didn’t shed any light on her condition.

I’m thinking something else may be going on. But I don’t know what it is. Sure, the old age is a factor and so are the medications. I ranted to Dad they the heart is probably rejecting the TAVR, which contains, metals, rubbers, and PORCINE. Pork is a violation!

I think the ancient astronauts who probably time-traveled tried to warn today’s humanz that we should NOT ‘eat’ pork, meaning we NOT should torture, test, or install or use PORCINE related products into the humanized form, which is probably why Mom is feeling ‘sick’.

Yeah, so while the pro-death PP groups and other advocates of stem-cell and foetal research via animalz, prisoners, and other double-blind studies continue to test and take risks, I don’t think y’all are listening or heeding the ‘warnings’ of various religious belief systems to be taken into accounts under the guise of modern science and medicine.

Perhaps, she could try anti-rejction medications for PORK-related products or maybe the heart doesn’t like the newly implanted stuff therein. Her primary doctor didn’t want to prescribe a new drug for ‘treating’ upset stomach.

I guess that why there’s lots of opioid addiction – the pain is too unbearable. Plus, the sedative effects of opoid helps for a restful sleep. I don’t know what other rant I could enter into this particular blog post until Mom awakens from her meds. Dad wants to go shopping for his wheat bread and gift items for the AM, PM, and evening staff.

If anything happens, she would probably need further treatment. She prefers the comfort of her home. Several staff members shared the horrors of staying in nursing home.

And so, I would end up being cross-trained on how to proceed at HOME. I guess I’m smart enough to figure out how to do that. But the challenge is to hear the mouth of hers spewing forth into my ear holes. And this would be freaking DAILY! I do NOT think I’ll agree.

Otherwise, we would need a nurse to come in and help or just have mom stay in a nursing home, which is just fine for me. But this is just because I’m not working and do NOT have a job. See? That’s the price of being home without children and whatnot! Sheesh!


Evil Kitty

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    That does not sound good, I hope that you mom will be okay.

    -John Jr


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