Watch “The Ox-Man Cometh” on YouTube

20180407-2336. I recently discovered this YouTube blogger MrE (not our late Mister Eimon, the Lutino parakeet), who is hilarious as he continues to mock celebrity trannies.

One of his YouTube video appeared on my recommended list. Once again, it’s NOT accidental or coincidental, but a trend.

En route homebound, I told Dad that maybe we’re all born EVIL and our conditioning has been to become professionals, who ‘act’ good while suppressing our innate dark sides.

So for the better half of this YouTube video blog, the Oxman is presenting the alternative of ‘living’ in an artificial structure.

I’m actually interested in innovative stuff as long as it does NOT violate freewill and/or God’s design.

Alas, everything belongs to God. So I already ‘sensed’ that there will be two realities. Each representative will go to the other side, experience that side of reality, come back to their original places, exchange notes, corroborate newer ideas, and take it from there.

‘What is it?’ A humanoid? A chimera portraying their external hellish punishment by living among humanz?

Nay. Once again, no one shall leave this hellish realm. In the intermin, we shall create stuff for eternity.

Yup. Sorry. That’s my incoming thoughts. Enjoy you stay.

P.S. From one of my favoirte Web blog site by a dork, the Biblical message wouldn’t stop entering my small mind.

It’s something along ‘clay’ shall not mix with ‘iron’ or something like that in which earth dwellers can NOT mix with air dwellers or water dwellers. That sort of stuff.

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