Dear diary,

I’ve switch Mom’s Insignia monitor with my wide LG monitor. Dad’s old wooden desktop was too small to accommodate my wide LG monitor. Mom’s Insignia monitor seems a bit blurry. But the sides and backs have lots of ports for audio and other stuff.

Anyway, I’m still wide awake and in pain from over eating and old age. I think a nice laxative will help to ‘eliminate’ the fullness and heaviness from food stuff stuck inside my human form. Speaking of human form, I’m believing that we are all probably CGI.

That’s correct! I believe we are all constructs of a long gone race of misfits. And that a centralized God is stuck somewhere inside a place and due to its old age, this centralized God is held in suspended stasis and thusly so is ‘creating’ reality while ‘asleep’.

Yeah, so this thought was inspired while giving ‘care’ to Mom at the hospital. My thought wondered how one can exist and others don’t exist, from the current Pope’s remark of hell NOT existing, and Squirrel sharing how anything outside of Catholic doctrine, especially the mere knowledge of Masonic ties, is considered a GRAVE sin.

So, whatever is going on, I’m still surrounded by reptilianz and that is NOT going to change my bad attitude. While I would like to sympathize with these fallen ones and whatnot, I cannot help but wonder why they EXIST despite their original SIN.

And now I’m still believing and trying to ‘uplift’ acceptable parameters and ‘boost’ out non-compatible programming, and, sometimes, I would tend to believe my thoughts could manifest realities, as if my awakened state seems real enough.

Alas, I am disappointed that there still ‘exists’ constant labeling of race, color, and whatnot. Earlier, my thoughts indicated that instead of focusing on what we see with our eyes, we should focus on the labeling of others in terms of ‘BO’.

That’s correct! That label is ‘bad odor’. For those with an olfactory that can pick up evil, count your blessings and avoid those demonic humanoids, devoid of souls, and any sense of loving emotions. In this way, we shall use our sense of smell and less of our sense of sight.

This will be your new educational material. Go forth and sniff out the baddies as you would a hound dog. Ahh! Woo! Now all y’all need a discreet atomizer filled with HOLY WATER and get to work by spritzing your targets. Oh, now! Don’t y’all get all biologically worked up with the CGI’s. That’s NOT logical.

The other day I told Dad that everything seems to be processed or at least originate inside our skulls, which contains our big brains and the small minds therein. So whatever hurt feelings or other responses to stimuli is actually ALL IN THE HEAD!

It’s 20180408-0015 and I had a thought that maybe our reality is a projection from behind our forehead. Hmm. Yup. It’s time to sleep and maybe dream so more.


Evil Kitty (purr)

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