Trump Falls for False Flag Syrian Gas Attack, Blames Russia and “animal Assad,” Promises “big price” https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2018/04/08/trump-falls-for-false-flag-syrian-gas-attack-blames-russia-and-animal-assad-promises-big-price/

Oh, no! I’m still trying to pass lots of built up crap on the toilet at home. And the first incoming thought that entered my small mind was: racist.

Y’all are using Tomahawk missiles. Hey! Do y’all think the NAI will approve of scalping those who pass long-winded gas?

I thought y’all have been reading my OLD blogs. I know y’all did. But if that’s what y’all have been colluding do fool, I can’t stop y’all.

It’s 2031 pm and I’m still pass crap. So maybe it’s already WWIII and I didn’t even know it. Hmm.

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