Watch “The Drag Queens of Europe Part 1: Sweden” on YouTube


OMG! The guitar guy is so freaking hilarious! While chewing non GMO, gluten free popcorn, I viewed this hilarious YouTube video. I was cracking up big time! It’s a good thing I didn’t choke on the chunks.

He pointed out stuff that resonated unto moi! At 2219, I finally understood the true meaning of transhumanism. It’s the transsexuals destroying and overtaking humanity!

They are the Nephilims, fallen angels, and demonic. They are scary. He would gasp in horror after almost each photo slide.

I’m learning to identify their physiological variances:

HUGE skulls (like mine),

Angular jawline (like mine),

Wide, broad shoulders (like mine),

HUGE jaw, sometimes squared or pointed,

Deep seated eyes, piercing eye stares,

Adam’s apple,

Freakishly LONG and thick neck,

HUGE man hands,

LONG finger digits,

LONG forearms,

LONG upper arm,

Horse face, sometimes with horse teeth,

V-shaped man backs,

Straight waistline,

Narrow boyish hips,

Straight thigh bones, no Q-angle,

Wraith, anorexic fat-free body type,

Flat, fat-free buttock,

Wonky eyeballs,

Thick, elevated brow ridges,

Balding receding hairline, and

HUGE monstrous long feet!

Oh, yeah. I never actually saw the photos of Queen Bridget until I saw this YouTube video! Horrendous! ALIENS!

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