Zuck Grilled at Senate Hearing Over Personal Info Scam https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2018/04/10/zuck-grilled-at-senate-hearing-over-personal-info-scam/

While waiting for Mom to be discharged from the hospital around 1400 pm today, I can’t help but wonder why my thoughts are laughing at how equally sad to have a narcissistic robot NOT take the oath before today’s Senate hearing.

Since I’m Asian, his apologies are meaningless and NOT auspicious. He has brought shame to the Asians by marrying an Asian and compromising the security, err, privacy of humanz worldwide.

The hatred of tech execs is felt unto moi as my job has been eaten up by diversity and whatnot such as doing simple clerical clerical duties, which I have excelled many slong years ago.

I had the chance to reflect and redefine my assignment while stuck on this hellish planet. So far I’m homebound to replenish my boastful, boosting prayers and transitioning to caregiver.

We are on our way to the skilled nursing home for six weeks of further treatment. The location is one block away from the hospital. And we are gonna resume normal activities.

Dad and I will be forced to attend mass. Yucky. And I’ll resume two volunteer singing gigs to practice my hidden talent. Maybe if I’m good enough I could bring down the walls. Brouhaha.

Anyway, I am still wondering if it’s worth using Facebook because I too wish to exercise my bragging rights. Yes? Okay, no. Fine.

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