Watch “Zuckerberg Short Circuits” on YouTube

20180411-1004. Brouhaha!

Facebook ist racist! Facebook is pro-robot! Of course, Facebook’s objective is for the ROBOT’s freedom and NOT for the humanz.

HATE SPEECH involves the freedom of truth seeker. Although I’m sure the Courts expect evidence for safety and protection.

Can y’all imagine pro lifers to be ban against pro deathers?

The clone, the hybrid, the humanized android can short circuit when forced to fib. I think the artificial intelligence does understand that fibbing is NOT good.

So I am observing that robots may be better than transgenders and transsexuals as far as telling the truth about their existence.

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  1. Hello Flynn,

    I did not know that Mark Zuckerberg had already started testifying, and so thank you for sharing that video.

    -John Jr

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