Greetings, humanz!

At around 0918 am, San Jose, California time, Mister Lightening Bolt targeted my chemtrail buster!

I HEARD the SOUNDS of CONTROLLED brewing grumbling and rumbling.

Once again, my thoughts were ‘heard’ and the manifested as a suggestion that maybe, just maybe, the Lawd Gawd wishes to strike my chemtrail buster.

I was pissed that such evil still lurks upon this hellish planet. The Lawd Gawd answered that he knows.

No worries! The stuff is buried deep into the soil and is grounded VERY well for the nice bluish bolt. (Addendum 0938 am, that was a single bolt followed by crackling sounds for added pissed-off effects.)

The three parakeets were NOT startled. I was NOT startled. The small kitchen window was opened. I was tinkering with stuff from the fridge when I saw event outta the corner of my right eyeball.

I HEARD the lightening brewing in a CONTROLLED manner, building up intensity. As I HEARD the intensity build up, I used my sense to gauge when it would strike.

As soon as it stuck, the SOUND of the brewing storm dissipated gradually. I could tell the CONTROLLED storm had a SOUND behind the event.



P.S. The CONTROLLED sound of storm brewing occurred around 0911, San Jose, California time. That’s when I had my thought to BOOST to those in the most need of Thy mercy and help. During that time, I was pissed.

P.S.S. From on or about 0911 to 0919, the rain pour strongly. Then the rain pours stopped abruptly. Das Squirrel said that someone told him something about weather manipulation. I’m thinking now 0935 am that war can be manipulated, too. Hmm.

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