Greetings, humanz!

Upon posting the previously edited post, there was a single strong jolt and a sway one way and a sway the other way.

The sound was like a runaway fully loaded truck, followed by the the creaking of the sliding bathtub glass door to my right.

(The Happiness Engineers of Team Automattic and other WordPress pall may check my time-date stamp of that previous ‘edit’ against the USGS.gov website.)

It’s 0949 and I’m currently pooping VERY hard, my HARDENED poop, much like the hardened hearts of humanz living on this hellish planet.

I’ll try to locate the updates of the USGS website and enter my impressions. I complained that the online ‘form’ doesn’t seem to work.

It’s 0952 am and I’m wondering if y’all are nuking stuff deep underground. After all, our nearest local airbase is within twenty miles from my location.



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