Dear Lawd Gawd,

My parents are finally watching their ‘full feature’ video of their 50th Wedding Anniversary by Nicholas D. Hilarious! Their are other raw footages, which are being uploading into my Dropbox account and that will take ONE year! WTF can’t the speed be fast as the lightening!

Anyway, we’re at the video part of Father Mark blessing the lovely elderly couple. The focus is forward and the background is blurred (and thank goodness because there are faces that are yucky.)

So the first part was a highlight of the makeup and other display items with a first song. After the blessing, there is the second song and more upclose of the displays, including the cake. Then I see the frame of the love seat and introduction of Evil Kitty, Das Squirrel, and his Twit Wifey, followed by the guest of honor.

Nicholas and pal did a VERY good job with mixing the upclose scenery and four to five favorite background songs. So far, we’re into the fifteen outta the one hour stuff. We’re laughing. At the twelve minute parts, they are dancing to ‘Could I Have This Dance’ by Anne Murray.

Now my eight minute speech! Stuid paper was in my left hand. My wide face is seen! Yech! I like my arched eyebrows and THICK eyeshades from behind my eyeglasses. He edited out the crappy parts. It’s a good thing I talked about stuff.

Once again, CR and pals may have mercifully sabotaged my keyboard, which didn’t work, including my stupid slideshow which was mostly blank! So thumbs down for those two goofs. I hope my anger won’t manifest as bad luck. Gasp! Yech!

So Das Squirrel did a really GOOD job in speech. But my wine glass was empty. I didn’t like what happened. There were too many weird stuff. But the photobooth section was really good! They know how to blend the stuff.

So at the thirty mark, the Filipino troupe was recorded. The clarity of the video is amazingly sharp. And these cameras are not bulky, too. Hmm. So I see the main persons are Father Mark, the family and honorees, and the dancers. There are a few others raw footages of fun.

I like how they blurr the background just enough to see the blurred faces of the guests. It looks like one dance of holding ELECTRIC candles, I think, but those could be real. I like the fade into the second dance.

Yeah, so there were TWO video guys and TWO photo guys. The audio sound is harsh! Failure here! It’s a good thing the DJ can pump the sound accordingly. He had his tall speakers covered up in two stretchable white material.

The third part was the owner of the dance troupe singing. I didn’t recognize the crap. I skipped forward to the third part of the dancing program – Tinikling. Everything happened so fast.

The fourth part is the flower stuff. I guess the video guy knew there wasn’t much to add into the video. Eh. I’m done. Thes rest is gonna be the guest dancing inside the two sticks. Yeah. My hair looked like Peg Bundy – long and half up swept, and thick-bodied. Thank goodness for stretchable long dress to get trapped in the sticks.

Okay. I’m done. That’s why I don’t like photos and videos. I don’t like Facebook. Because everything is so temporary, and no one really cares. They missed the other dancers, including our local politician.

Well, so far so good. They missed the church boy that can dance good. I think he might be Alexander or the other one. So at the fifty minute mark everything is done with the dancing.

Next Mom’s thank you speech. She didn’t read but said stuff from her nogging. She’s really good. Hilarious. “Christina can call me Mom and Dad. She treated me like her own mother. Welcome to my family.”

I like the complimentary poses. Ooo! The cake cutting! Hilarious! The cake was too difficult to cut! Gold and white tiered cake – four layers. And opening the dance floor – a really slow anniversary waltz. Smiling couples. Bah.

God. The food was wasted. If I opted, I wanted  buffett. That way the humanz can choose their portions without the dump in front of them. And no filet mignon for y’all! And now the final dancing. Some used up the hours to enjoy. It’s a tidy flow of music.

The DJ did really good. And the uplighting was really good with the accent theme color of turquoise and some flashing colorful lights for effects. Hey! My shoulders are wider than my hips – manly! Nooo! Mostly the church folks stayed a bit.

Hah! Emmer and Myrna did the tango. And now movement in the video. But most of the shots were steady and less stressful to the viewer’s eyeballs.

Finally, one hour of video and they are complaining why all the other crappy stuff wasn’t included. WTF? You know what? They can do it themselves! I’m done. I only look at it once and forget about it. It’s not worth my time.


Evil Kitty

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