Well, I’m confused – being that my pale face looks Asian, yet my bottom’s dollar is BLACKISH and my hairy forearms are brownish. In other words, I can NOT hang out with one group, say Filipinos, because I do NOT speak their dialects. Likewise, I can NOT hang out with Asians because I don’t understand a damn thing that comes outta their mouths.

Anyway, we learned that one of Mom’s nurse is half Swedish and half Mexican! Her brother is tall, blond, and green-eyed; while she is blondish but is mistaken as Italian or whatever. She has NARROW hips; a FLAT bottom; AND her forearm bones are LONG – but she is far from being a tranny.

Then there’s Norma who shared with us that the Poles escaped Europe and lived in Nicaragua, some of whom are BLOND with blue eyes; yet short and stocky like the locals!

Then there is a place between Tijuana and some other place where a VERY small tightly knit community of whitish folks do NOT intermarry with others!

And in Mexico, she said that there are second and third generations of CHINESE! And one of my head hunters looks Chinese but is short and stocky like a Mexican!

So yesterday, one of the nurses looked at Mom and wondered if she is Japanese! Long ago, I viewed some blogs by my favorite blogger surfing the web and if he picked up my persistent, random, and stray thoughts of one photo of my maternal grandmother and if maybe we could be Japanese!

As for Dad, he looks like from Hong Kong; but he is the runt of the family while his other siblings are TALL. His paternal grandfather is has a pasty pale skin; so I don’t know what secrets they hold among themselves.

Anyway, ‘transparency, accountability, and integrity in goverment’ is good. But y’all have to realize that there is still that NETWORK of nefarious AND kind-hearted folks who will take CASH in exchange for having ILLEGALS rent rooms, like Respondent living directly adjacent to us and the neigbor sharing her backyard fence.

I’m just saying y’all should nab those OUTSIDE of being politicians and public officials. Duh! Sheesh!

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