Will the Magic Trackpad 2 work with a 12.9″ iPad Pro? – Apple (UK)

Will the Magic Trackpad 2 work with a 12.9″ iPad Pro?
— Read on www.apple.com/uk/shop/question/answers/product/MJ2R2Z/A/will-the-magic-trackpad-2-work-with-a-129-ipad-pro/QFPH4JPJ9FH7TD9XU

20180419-1456. Well, my Magic Keyboard by Apple is supported by my iPad Pro 12.9″.

However, I am disgusted to learn via this article online that iPads do NOT support trackpads and mice(s)!

WTF? Why should I bother getting stuff if each stuff is NOT supported by stuff?

I do NOT understand WTF Team Apple products has to be such pricks!

I was pissed and thinking if I got and iPhone and downloaded an app to link via WiFi that I could use my smartphone as a trackpad or mouse. But NO!

I need to be productive while Mom is resting in ever lasting peace, err, being treated at the hospital with blood products!

That’s correct! She is anemic and probably due to countless blood draws which come up mostly either ‘negative’ or ‘good’.

So I’m blogging via my iPad Pro 12.9″ while using my Magic Keyboard and while sitting next to the HUGE window overlooking the construction site by ‘Herrick’.

The weather is cold. But the sunshine is gorgeous and the skies appear clean after the freak rain storm a few days ago.

We are hopeful that Mom won’t be getting open heart surgery to remove her TAVR (from July 2017) due to possible infection, though the blood culture comes us NEGATIVE.

I’d hate for the ‘practice’ to waste their time and effort in trying to fix her. Mom already stated her DNR wishes with Trial Period(s).

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