Attached is my VERY first WordPress video post showing me playing on my ‘Casio – Portable Keyboard with 61 Touch-Sensitive Lighter Piano-Style Keys – Silver’ (which I recently purchased via BestBuy.com because the ‘Premium Package’ came with anadjustable stand, a stereo headphone, and other input jacks for a microphone and whatnot), can be viewed on my YouTube video channel, which happens to be ‘flynnspaws’:

I played a ’16th Century English Folk Song’ called ‘Greensleeves’ (pp. 144-145, Songs of Our Time, 1973) and so far this is almost the cleanest and easiest performance yet! (Notice the Biblical numerical value referencing the 144 marked humanz. I kid y’all NOT as I noticed such stuff!)

Today, I picked up my BestBuy.com order for a universal, flexible and portable tripod mount and a freaking non-functional Bluetooth shutter trigger device for remote control from 30 feet away of my smartphone by posersnap.com. This was supposed to hold my smartphone steady during recording.

I had to attached the VERY flimsy yet inexpensive rubberized thingy to my iPad holder thingy from smile.amazon.com via two BINDER clips! And I set the mount upon Mom’s ‘Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table With Wheels (hospital and home use)’ also from smile.amazon.com.

I had to stand DIRECTLY behind both contraptions as the table was adjustable to the height of my boobs! And I had to play uncomfortably behind my makeshift mount and couldn’t use my ‘Casio SP-20 Sustain Pedal’. Un-freaking believable!

Below is the attached image showing how I recorded my video! OMG! This is insane but workable! I cannot believe recording my noise can be so much fun! I hope y’all enjoy my sufferings through music!



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