Watch “This Man Claims to Be a Time Traveler !” on YouTube

20180423-1628. Welp, here is yet another co-incidential reality in which my inquiring thoughts were manifested as an answer via this YouTube video.

This morning or last night whatever, my thoughts were ranting about the existence of evil in this world. And the though of time travelers entered my small mind.

Sure enough, my small mind concluded that time travelers are frauds and any reports are hoaxes.

Why, Flynn? Once again, my thoughts can change a reality. Yup. And TELEPORTATION does exist. With that said, stuff can and can NOT happen.

And, well, while I’m wondering on other stuff related to the Lawd Gawd and how he could allow evil to exist, I’m believing that we were already created.

I was watching a YouTube video about the Titans, Sodom and Gomorrah, and how the Egyptians spread their cooties, and were ultimately destroyed for their sins.

Yup. So, umm, yeah, only the Lawd Gawd can say what is and is yet to come, and NOT some mouthpiece from wherever. Bunch of crazies wanna attention. Sheesh.

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