Highly Guarded Secret about Antartica Exposed http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/04/highly-guarded-secret-about-antartica.html

Then we do NOT need electric vehicles (EVs) for centuries to come due to lots and lots of petrol in and around Antartica.

I’m hoping those falling into destruction against humanity will be ‘null and voided’. There are so much more resources yet undiscovered and NOT yet shared.

Oh, okay, at around the 10:30 – 10:44 mark, my answers came forth as ‘God controls the weather’. And He can put us into another deep freeze NOT if he wanted to do so but that He can as His will be done!

My recent lightening strike for the second time of having a chemtrail buster buried in the backyard is a personal testament unto moi that God can and will ‘come back’ with a vengeance.

Yikes. Y’all still have time to choose.

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