Behold! In this video, I’ve successfully FIXED IT! That’s correct! I’m smart! And thanks to the interconnected spirits and good pals for pushing inspirations forthwith!

Dad’s old Rayovac Workhorse flashlight didn’t work due to low battery.

So he changed the OLD three batteries (Size D) by Energizer but the sliding switch wasn’t connecting.

I messed up the sliding switch further by pulling it further into contact with the bulb fixture.

So I POPPED out the sliding switch (plastic circular thingy) and straightened the LONG copper piece connecting the negative at the bottom with the positive the top.

But the miniscule plastic piece HOLDING the circular plastic sliding switch against the battery section broke off.

So I used the Almighty duct tape. Instead of SLIDING the damn thing, I’d PRESS the damn switch.

Voila! It works!

Now if only the governmental agencies can FIX IT in the amount of time for thirty minutes or so that it took me AND with the most tacky duct tape ever, than y’all good as new.


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