Catching the cadre of Dad’s messengers about on film https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/04/catching-cadre-of-dads-messengers-about.html

Yup. On or about 1500 in this afternoon (California time), I’ve connected to Dork’s merciful and powerful Dad.

I could tell Dork’s Dad was ever present through my closed eyeballs as I sought healing upon a little loved one.

Then my injured Lutino parakeet, Mister Mel, fell from his perch as if struck by some unknown force.

He looked stunned or startled as he struggled to climb up inside the small cage and back to perch upon his swing.

Mister Mel is in pain and cannot bear weight upon his lower left extremities since last week.

I noticed that he seemed to place some weighted after the ‘prayer’. Yeah, so that’s my ‘news’. And Dork’s Dad can ‘hear’ us.

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