Before Mom was discharged this Sunday morning, there was no sign. After Mom was admitted to an OUTPATIENT this wee early morning, there is this sign:


Oh, vile! My dad and I used the facility to our advantage.

Y’all know what? I am making a good, yet productive stink here and nearby. My first of many was my comments submitted via the patient survey from a skilled nursing facility (or SNF). Second was my EMAIL sent to a nurse regarding a ‘Small Critter’. Yup. Evil Kitty makes hisses, the noise of displeasure to these mere humanz.

Well it’s a nice day. We have a nice view of crispy clear blue skies from the ‘third floor’. It’s 1838 and Dad wants to go eat his HOT food downstairs at Ground level. I’m already stuffed from taking advantage of Mom’s meals, err, ‘helping’ her eat. Brouhaha!

Freaking insurances work via taxes, which are systems of ‘paying forward’. Though stuff seem to be fully covered, each pay the price somehow and someway. There is no escaping free stuff. Y’all know that!

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