Lowe's Military Discount on selected items front.jpgLowe's Military Discount on selected items back.jpg

Enroll today at Lowes.com/Military.

I helped to sign up online and he got his 10% discount on SELECTED items, NOT entire items, mind y’all.

I had to research via my SCANNED archives on the date of resignation from the USN to be fair, of course, and I confirmed with Dad to ensure accuracy and honesty online.

Of course, please give the system, say, 24 hours to burp the online registration, although I did receive an email confirmation (of all sorts) within a few minutes.

The Customer Service representatives up front were overloaded with yellowish and brownish humanz returning stuff. I told the elderly whitish woman that she did excellent customer service aloud to cover her. Brouhaha!

But Dad purchased stuff. We do NOT like returning stuff if at all possible – which helps to MAGA, of course. Duh.

A group of irrate yellowish butt FUGLY disfigured humanz were making noise about returning stuff. WTF?

The store manager of course (per our receipt) would with a local native, so to speak. So y’all got the reddish group versus the yellowish group. I’d side with the originals – the reddish, of course, though I belong to the yellowish group.

Our receipt is dated 5-12-2018 time of 17:57:53 – local East San Jose for your reference. Excellent customer service.

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