Watch “Do Dogs Prefer Raw Meat or Kibble Food?” on YouTube

20180517-2312. Well, dogs are hunanz with four legs. I don’t think humanz can eat PEANUTS for all meals! That’s crazy! If y’all are gonna adopt animalz, be sure to feed it NATURAL food as possible. So go to the butchers and buy soft chewy fleshy meat for the carnivorous pet.

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  1. Yeah, Breezy likes the real food. He will eat real raw meat, and we give it to him. He really likes the canned salmon, tuna and chicken. Miracle was the one who wanted the damn kibble, and was addicted to it, which is why he had high blood sugar. We kept offering him real food and he would turn up his nose at it. After watching that docu-series called The Truth About Pet Cancer, Ty and pals gave suggestions about weaning them off of kibble, and Miracle did start wanting the canned salmon too, but it was too late. And he never had any vaccines either. Since he was given to us in 2006, he was already fed that stuff before we got him. He was always picky. But Breezy, having been a stray and fending for himself, he is more inclined to eat what a carnivorous cat is supposed to eat. I think Breezy will fare better than Miracle. At least we hope so. We still miss Miracle so much.

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