Prince Charles to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2018/05/18/prince-charles-to-walk-meghan-markle-down-the-aisle/

Incoming thought regarding traitors of race and the producers of racism by mixing bloodlines.

Anyway, the other day (a rhyme which is mine), I told Das Squirrels that there are lots of race traitors meaning different cultures are promoting intermarriage, especially here in California where there are lots of reddish, brownish, and yellowish humanz.

Yeah, so for example, and as per my OLD blogs, a former coworker who is a divorced ILOCANO said that it’s better to marry other Filipinos because we understand each other better.

Yeah but she’s divorced from an ILKOCANO and remarried a different dialect, probably, PAMPANGA or PANGANSINANG, I don’t recall.

And so Das Squirrel and his liberal progressive thinking and pals cited an example of a white man and slant eye marrying each other. I’m like: so f##cking what?

Although Ruby the older sister of his Twit Wifey said that they married within the yellowish race, I still disagree. But the love birds don’t see any difference.

I guess love is blind. And though Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey fought while dating and during ten years of marriage, they pretend everything is okay.

But Mom sees problems and informed her boy. I already foresaw that the Twit Wifey isn’t a good match – in looks, cultural appeal, and mannerism. Dad doesn’t care as long as the boy suffers in happiness because he married her anyway.

In summary, I believe the whitish folks are dangerous because they allowed for appropriations globally. Sheesh. Yup.

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