Tesla Bursts Into Flames In Switzerland, Killing Driver Trapped Inside http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/05/tesla-bursts-into-flames-in-switzerland.html

Okay, incoming thought while sipping remaining coffee of SECOND regular sized serving cup from McD, and while waiting for Mom to receive her SECOND pacemaker, within the hour.

This old thought was probably borrowed or stolen from futuristic scary stuff. These artificial intelligence vehicles (or AIV, which is mine and copyrighted this instance at 20180518-0959) can be used to track, monitor, and DESTROY dissidents who are vent against being controlled by Evil overlords or our current Americanized governmental systems, which is in the plurality for multiple holdings.

Yeah, so the capacitor and storage criteria of a human brain surpasses that of mere computer chips. But because certain humanz succumb to the effects of drugs and alcohol and allow for accidents due to DUI behind the wheel, that bad behavior messes everything else.

But my futuristic vision was to get the blind, deaf, mute, and disabled a chance to get around via a self-driving vehicle. That’s all and NOT to replace petrol for normal drivers.

20180518-1006. Once again, these cars should be designated by government sponsored programs to the effect of the elderly. Until y’all fix these problems, cut it out, okay?

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