Proof that (satanism) liberalism really is a mental disorder http://dailymessenger.blogspot.com/2018/05/proof-that-satanism-liberalism-really.html

So at 1100, Mom’s doctor opened the door to the waiting room and told us that she completed the insertion of the new pacemaker in the right chest and that there was no infection of the temporary pacemaker in the right NECK area.

Anyway, I can see that the disobedience of these stunted souls continue to exist. I’ve been using the word ‘disobedience’ recently when Das Squirrel visits. He continues to play on his smartphone and chat with Facebook friends instead of interacting with his parents.

I’m praying to God to please turn his face against these liberal, progressive freaks (or at least spray, inject, or shock these mentally ill humanz into oblivion). Forward to Sheol! Yucky.

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