Dear diary,

I think we’re getting back on track after Mom’s multiple visits to the hospital. We are watching recent FoxNews stuff. And so I see that the DOJ FBI and pals are making headlines. Honestly, I do NOT know what is going on. All I ‘know’ is that there are LOTS of players covering for each other. After all and as per my OLD blogs, each agent has interest and/or loved ones. So that’s it for your narrative, which is to observe how much trust, honesty, and transparency y’all can disclose as ‘evidence’ and how y’all can account for goofs along the way.

Anyway, I’ve completed yet another spreadsheet comparing what we paid a particular provider (namely the primary doctor) and what has been paid to us by the government and the private insurer(s), which is secondary and must follow the approved ‘schedule’ of the primary insurer, the government.

So thanks to my scanned archives, I pulled up two years of EOBs (or Explanation of Benefits) for the primary insurer and plugged values into the columns, such as service date, billing code, service approved, amount provider charged, approved amount, amount paid by primary insurer, maximum billed, notes, and claim number. I did this through my primary computer.

So thanks to my two iOS products – the iPad Pro 12.9″ and iPad 9.7″, I pulled up the scanned check payments on the 12.9″ and the scanned EOB on the 9.7″. And on my MacOS, I entered the values into the spreadsheet under the columns labeled: Primary check Date; Primary check Number; Primary check Amount; Primary Payor; (Difference between amount paid to provider and paid by Primaru insurer); Secondary paid amount; (Delta between amount paid by primary insurer and secondary insurer); Secondary check Number; Secondary check Secondary check; Secondary check Date; EOB Page number; and Issue Date.

Yeah, so after all that stuff was entered, and according to my handy dandy pivot table, I discovered that we are losing almost eighteen percet of funds to this primary care doctor by paying him FIRST instead of his office waiting for reimbursement from the patient’s insurers!

So while a one-payer system may sound good, the system is already in place; so long as workers contribute to their retirement via paycheck deductions. But for those who probably work only a little bit and didn’t contribute, then that’s where they pay for their health outta pocket. And obviously they cannot afford to be health in their later years. Hmm.


Swollen Kitty

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