Hold still! Incoming thought as don’t mess up test results.

Once again, his Dad works in mysterious ways. Amen!

AND this happens in the last minute. Happens to us too.

Like traffics, being in a hurry, appointments, the hustle and bustle.

1 thought on “20180522-0859-Stuff

  1. We have these various types of things happening too.

    Like yesterday, for instance…

    When we went to town yesterday it started raining as soon as we left. Had to do an important mailout. By the time we got to the post office, did our business, it started pouring, and when finished, it started pouring rain and hail, the sun comes out in the west, while still pouring this stuff on us. As soon as we left town, it stopped. And I’m like, “what was that all about?”. When we got home, I looked down in the separator console thing between the seats and noticed a pretty handmade crocheted cross, with what looked like a blue turquoise stone hanging from it, and told my hubby, “oh this is pretty and nice, etc…” and he tells me that some child, out of the blue came up to him and gave it to him the other day. How neat is that?! it was Dad’s way of saying, it’s all okay now.

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