Dear diary,

This is one old nagging thought in which Das Squirrel has expressed to his mother that she is being used as a human guinea piggy, which is just a cute pet rodent.

Anyway, yesterday (a rhyme which is mine and copyrighted) afternoon, I called the office of Mom’s CPAP therapy. I told Alma who transferred my call to Brandy, who called me several times.

From my observation with Mom’s multiple visits to the emergency and admissions to the hospitals beginning this year, I noticed that NONE wants to accept responsibility!

Why? They are all praticing their educated guesses! They are all making money and the incentive to accept bribes, err, free vacations and upgrades to ‘push’ NEW prescription drugs and modern devices to the unsuspecting patients.

So I clarified with that particular office staff that Mom has been snoring LOUDLY and that Mom has been breathing through her opened mouth with both the OLD and NEW CPAP machine after her new TAVR last year.

Thusly, the air is leaking outta her opened mouth. I reported to the office staff that Mom’s lips turned bluish and purplish and I had to hook her up directly to the oxygen concentrator via the nasal cannula instead of with the CPAP nasal (over the nose) mask. (Dad uses a full face (over nose and mouth) mask; while I use the pillows (nasal only).

The office staff tried to make me emphasize that the DME (or durable medical equipment) is the problem and/or that the DME provider isn’t doing their side, which is true because they did NOT set up the CPAP machine for wireless data download, though the CPAP order was faxed and dated on 04/17/2018.

We got the damn new machine one freaking month later on 5/18/2018 because the DME provider SUBSITUTED the CPAP machine with a Devilbiss instead of per the CPAP Order for a ResMed.

See? And the DME provider located in SoCal takes too long to respond to my emails and the phone calls do nothing, since I’m NOT the doctor’s office! And though I told the office staff that we told Mom’s doctor about the leakage and mouth breathing, nothing was done. Shit.

So to team ObamaCare, I had expected these fools to stop using humanz for business as usual. I’m sure there is transparency for every health and medical stuff.

So the office staff told us to make an appointment with the cardiologist, which we already have set for this morning. And the change in breathing (slowing down, catching up) happened after Mom’s heart valve replacement last July 2017.

And so with Mom’s SECOND pacemaker inserted on 05/18/2018 inside the right chest area after the alleged ‘infection’ of the FIRST pacemaker formerly located inside the left chest area, Mom has been doing well.

Mom suspects that her FIRST pacemaker might have failed her due to remote control! But I told my parents that ‘they’ cannot remotely control this pacemaker because ‘they’ have a separate HUGE mouse-like device to place directly over the pacemaker to download data, and to turn it off if end of life comes.

(I was thinking that if the on board computer of those Tesla electric vehicles can be cracked and hacked to brake, accelerate, and to crash its passengers into the center walls and other barricades to death, then Mom’s pacemaker was ‘turned off’ or that the stress of Dad and her dancing with her LEFT arm elevated above shoulder height.)

Brouhaha! Y’all had your chance to deal with stubborn souls, such as Das Squirrel and his mother, who both will suffer their own fate for DISOBEDIENCE. They both have the spiritual gifts. But both FAIL to OBEY the words and sights from and by God.

Instead Mom chooses to close her eyes and pray, which both do NOTHING. Instead Das Squirrel chooses to fight and run away, which both do NOTHING. Nothing happens when one avoids confronting head on the sitcoms of their lives and to help and improve stuff.

These were my old nagging thoughts. Yup. The words are scattered as Mom has been playing the Toshiba television while watching YouTube videos on musical instruments. I cannot think well over loud noises.

Freaking reptilianz are still bickering. Dad is slow and doesn’t seem to care. Mom is finished with Dad. And I’m stuck between these two elderly folks and trying my best NOT to take sides, though both are correct.

As the PICC line nurse specialist said: We answer to a higher authority. She mentioned to me the old Americanized television commerical about the ConAgra Foods for kosher-certified hot dogs. Yup. She’s nice.


Evil Kitty

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