Dear diary,

Mom and I are getting back up to speed with regards to current events via YouTube Premium, which I’m trying out for FREE as a way of avoiding advertisements. We do NOT like being interrupted during our shows. I may wish to continue my monthly subscriptions. We still have our bundled package for the AT&T DVR – phone, internet, and cable, in case YouTube blows up.

Anyway, I do NOT know WTF is going on with North Korea. In one YouTube video, Trump cancelled the summit meeting. And then Trump may actually change his mind and meet with Little Kimmy Boy.

Now after washing dishes after a few minutes ago, I had an incoming thought. (I’m trying to be OBEDIENT and push out these incoming thoughts, which belong to GOD; since ‘We answer to a higher authority’.) The word was taking out those stewards who do NOT comply.

With that said, y’all can have your summit. Any steward can be taken out. It doesn’t matter if America is great in military might and whatnot. What matters is how well y’all can convince me that y’all can get along.

But… in my past nagging thoughts, getting along isn’t meant to be. As per the Biblical wording: God shall put enmity in your hearts. Welp, that summarizes why humanity is doomed to never find peace because of this word – enmity. Of all the countries, y’all are playing us along with the little guy.

It’s strange how the focus was changed and then shifted from Iran and Assad, and then over to North Korea and Little Rocket Man. Once again, y’all are bad actors! Am I supposed to believe that recent whitish puff of smoke emanating from the bowels of the North Korea nuclear site(s) are ‘real’?

I think the lava flow of Kilauea, Hawaii is more real and hellish than your words! Dad said today that politicians are only good with words and no action. Is this statement true? Can y’all prove my daddy incorrect? Humpf!


Evil Kitty

6 thoughts on “20180525-2003-Stuff

  1. Hello Flynn,

    Watch kind of device do y’all use to watch YouTube on usually?

    I ask because one of the layers in my security / privacy setup is Adguard DNS (https://adguard.com/en/adguard-dns/overview.html) (which is a free DNS service that has ad-blocking, tracker blocking, and malicious website blocking), which I have set up in our router so that we will have another layer in our security / privacy / ad-blocking setup for all devices accessing the internet through our router, and so when we use things like our Xbox 360 to watch videos on YouTube sometimes the ads are usually blocked.

    On our computers we use the free open source internet browser extension Ublock Origin (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UBlock_Origin) which is the best multi-purpose blocker / ad blocker extension at this time in my opinion, and that is our main ad-blocking layer with Adguard DNS as an extra layer.

    -John Jr


      1. Hello Flynn,

        Thank you for answering that.

        We have never had a smart television or Roku or Chromecast or Fire Stick et cetera, and we are still using old low-definition CRT televisions at my parent’s house. 😀

        I would recommend giving Adguard DNS a try at the router level, and that should work for all devices that access the internet through that router that do not have a custom DNS service set on them. 😉

        -John Jr


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