Dear diary,

With regards to disobedience, most humanz are disobedient. For example, the Twit Wifey has failed to follow the wishes of her husband countless times.

I wonder why the marriage vows has removed the wording of ‘obey’ and replaced the word with ‘cherish’. There is NOTHING to cherish from two humanz who have fought from the beginning.

There is too much weirdness from these liberal progressive witches, especially since the Twit Wifey does NOT believe in Jesus Christ. Strangely, she is supposed to listen to the husband as is her Chinese tradition. But she does whatever she wants. I wonder how Das Squirrel can live with it.

Anyway, I noticed if we each do NOT disobey logic and rational thinkers, then all is well. I’ve disobeyed and disappointed my parents many times but that was when I failed to follow and listen to their wishes. Now my understanding and perception of life is calmer and more relaxed while simply going and getting along with these two stubborn old timers.

Unfortunately, most of us are emotional beings and get hurt feelings easily. And as a result, Das Squirrel married her anyway; got up from the dining room table where we have celebrated birthdays; and walked outta the door. Recently, he keeps coming back complaining about his relationship. Ironic and idiotic.

Yesterday, Mom told me that while Auntie Maldeath was staying at the hospital for months on end due to Kevin’s sickness, Mom would babysit Kathy, who would scream her head off no matter how Mom tried to comfort her. Mom said Kathy is a bad child.

I can see that Kathy was bad and has been unduly influenced to be BASTOS to the relatives by Chill. One time Kathy walked passed by my parents and me as we sat in vigil to Chill’s dying hag, who hated us unto death. Chill talked with Kathy for five minutes before Kathy walked in with Bobby, who is friendly.

I can tell Bobby wanted to talk with us outta the corner of my right eyeball, but I sat there as if I didn’t see him because Kathy the druggy wanted nothing to do with us. I have old photos of her and Cabbage Jay when they were toddlers.

So… I was wondering why Auntie Maldeath suggested that I could take care of her during her old age in one phone conversation. I guess it’s because she was disgusted with Kathy her only child. Welp, y’all see, there are lots of problems caused by disobedience.

Had Auntie Maldeath NOT gotten pregnant prior to marriage and outta fear to Tatay Mac and ran to Virginia and got gas money to go back home, she wouldn’t be such a disturbed person.

I have lots of stories from an observer who has NOT the opportunity to behave normally and interact successfully with other humanz. So far the prognosis of those who disobedient and BASTOS is NOT good. Amy said Chill is bastos to the relatives. See? I’m NOT the only ‘witness’. Hmm.


Evil Kitty

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