Watch “REVOLUTION UK! Thousands Gather Climb The Gates At 10 Downing To Free Tommy Robinson” on YouTube

20180526-1436. Once again, you whitish humanz are DANGEROUS to this hellish planet and most especially to your whitish selves! How can y’all allow the evil satanic networks to over rule your turf and future? Y’all must hate yourselves so much that y’all allowed these dark forces to take over your mere existence. Cowards!

Anyway, in my old nagging thoughts last night or so, I wondered why death would want to “live” by promoting death. In other words, the forces of darkness and its evil satanic network FEAR death and dying! My words fail me again. Forgive me as I struggle to put out my incoming thoughts.

Yeah, so, in order to survive in “their” current dark forms and nefarious systems, “they” believe in killing and destroying that which are supposed to be good and nice. I do NOT understand why the opposing forces create such chaos. I’d imagine y’all getting along with each other.

So I’d say y’all much love being under the control of your governing bodies, which amazingly are made up of your own representatives, who probably cannot LIVE without fooling you and selling stuff as business as usual.

We need you folks to “realize” the “REAL LIES” being spewed forth by your own whitish selves. I cannot wrap my small mind around your narratives, which is mostly nonsense and lies.

Your bad actors are trying to silence the messengers, when in fact the messages come from the ‘higher authority’. Hmm. Meditate on that. Y’all are trying to silence God, who created all that exists, even pedophiles. Hmm. Meditate on that.

Um, yeah, I guess this is the whole expression of the word “emnity”. I shall put “emnity” in your hearts! It’s working. God said so. And y’all cannot do anything about it – no matter how y’all demonstrate, get jailed, get murdered, and whatnot.

The dangerous whitish humanz in the UK (United Kingdom) or British must love being under control of their governing bodies. They must love being repressed with free stuff! Wow! It’s really all about the money. Please follow the money.

I KNOW it’s a global effort. I KNOW the heads should be rolling but they are laughing. Soon, I too cannot wait until America becomes controlled like Britain. America loves free stuff, too, you know.


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  1. I am waiting for the Vigilante Task Force Team from On High to show up and take care of this business. I already have my shit list of names for them to visit. Like pedophiles, err… I mean pediatricians, for example. Anyone who harms an innocent child is a pedophile, whether of sexual nature or not. A needle wielding pedophile needs to have that loaded weapon of poison and abominations shoved up his (or her) keister and unloaded. Anything happens to any more of our messengers, there will be hell to pay. Come on team! We are past ready.
    Vigilante Meow

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