Adopted Black Toddler DEAD After White Dad “Forgets” She’s in Parked Car https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/2018/05/27/adopted-black-toddler-dead-after-white-dad-forgets-shes-in-parked-car/

You idiot! Sorry, but you almost did Kit the Cat in! Reptilian infested humanz are just getting more and more annoying with each and every day. As we humanz age and with out busy lives, I’m noticing too that I’m getting forgetful, which is free.

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  1. OMG! Can these vaccine damaged idtios quit reproducing please?

    Like close their legs, keep their pants zipped and do the poor incoming souls a favor. Let these new souls be born to intelligent awake people please.

    We live in the land of the vaccine damaged and the eternally stupid.

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