Parasite Cleansing http://messiahmews.blogspot.com/2018/05/parasite-cleansing.html

Ack! The spirits work in mysterious ways! I’ve come across your blog article and saw the sentences about NAC, plaques on upper flabby arm, and hypothyroidism!

Welp I’ve got lots of learning to do on detoxification and natural healthy eating. Yup.

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  1. I originally heard about NAC from a Youtube comment, where the lady in the video couldn’t pinch and lift the skin on her arm. Someone said in the comment NAC will dissolve it. It also dissolves fatty liver, so I bought my daughter and I some. I found more info on it from the Thyroid UK blog/forum about NAC. The mucin deposits is also called myxedema.

    The fascia blaster has also been instrumental in breaking up this stuff from the outside. I no longer have that is termed puffy arms, and now you can see the muscle definition, I’ve had for a long time already. Even when I was skinny years ago, I still never had the muscle definition despite working out with weight. My fascia was “jacked”. I can actually pinch my skin and lift it now. The downside is, that my arms look deflated, so I am waiting for the skin to catch up from the volume loss. So gotta step up the sulfur crystals, attempt to make that colloidal copper for skin tightening.

    This video is fascia blasting the arms.

    Mucin deposits is one of the many different “hardening” things going on in our body. We have the mucin deposits (take NAC), the hardened fibrin / fibrosis (I take Fibro-Ease and serrapeptase), the adhesions in the fascia and body organs (proteolytic enzymes of serrapeptase and blends), the calcified stuff (Arthritis-Ease), etc…, so I take each type of hardening situation, and find the solutions to each one and take them. The scar tissue and lymphedema under my chin is just about gone too.

    I am currently doing the various cleanses now.

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