Dear diary,

I got off the phone with 1-800-MY-APPLE. Now, I’ve been a long time Windows user but Apple is faster and NOT user-friendly. I don’t like picking up the phone but that’s how y’all MAGA, by giving our friendly customer service representatives a hard time, err, a piece of our mind, err, our business as usual.

Anyway, what I did was reported a problem to PayPal and they escalated my complaint for three apps purchased via the App Store for MacOS, which I thought was separate from the iTunes Store but both belong under my Apple ID. I was confused and didn’t realize that I was supposed to contact Apple first before initiating the PayPal refunds, which I received.

Normally, I do NOT like returning stuff because that is a form of THIEVERY (like the Twit Wifey who constantly returns stuff) and I too have recently done so in the past.

I would purchase inexpensive handbags at Mervin’s retail store, which is now closed.

I also returned parakeet pet bird products purchased from the smile.amazon.com (ASPCA) website but paid for the USPS shipping at our main USPS drop-off location because the location was one minute away instead of the free drop-off at the Amazon location in downtown San Jose, CA where parking is horrible.

I’ve gotten refunds back for digital software applications, which I was NOT able to do as a Windows user. I like Apple products and after the two-years lease for my smartphone expires next year, I’m gonna get an Apple phone per Das Squirrel! That’s correct! I’ll have FOUR Apple products!

Yeah, so I’m learning to be a good customer service representative by apologizing over the phone.

Michelle told me she liked earplugs since I told her that I got a new one that would slip outta my earhole. I told her that these earplugs that I dug up early this morning is shaped like a shell. She loves her earplugs. She’s blackish from her accent and I played off my accent, too. Sheesh, I should be an agent.

Michelle then transferred my call to Anwar who helped to fix ‘Your Apple ID is disabled’ message – all because I asked PayPal for a refund PRIOR to asking Apple to help me with three apps purchased via the Apple Store for MacOS. Sheesh.

I was having a VERY difficult time looking for resource online and preferred email and chatting over phone calls for monitoring and tracking purposes. Duh.

So next time I better get comfortable opening my small pie hole, pick up the damn phone, use my earplugs, talk in a room without noise or any distraction, and learn to communicate good to perfect English to the customer service representatives with professionalism and courtesy. Sheesh.


Swollen Kitty

20180528-1036. Addendum lesson.

I forgot to add that in this lesson – DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. Though Mom and her relative REFUSE to ask for help, nowadays there a good souls ready and willing to provide assistance.

Personally, I am NOT the type of person to ask for help because I’ve learned that others are cruel and unkind during my growing years. Fast forward, I tried asking a lawyer for help but he told me that I cannot get my money back. That same day, I called my favorite alphabet soup agency but they refused to help and told me to file a case lawsuit.

And for those who can afford the great price, help is always available. This always the case – it’s all about money. Without Mom’s VERY good healthcare insurance for medical and technological intervention, she would have been dead.

Though she’s a saddened and broken-hearted for being the last sibling in her family, she’s trying to live as a guinea pig for her ungrateful family.

Yesterday, after the birthday luncheon, she cried from general weakness from her lower extremities as she struggled to walk unaided. She said that she might NOT live in another year. God-speed!

In addition, I’d like to help others in the most need and have done so in the past – as this is the personalized Matrix that I’ve created. For example, a pastor gave a sermon the other day about – it’s how you make it – meaning if in your mindset and heart you created hurt feelings or the need to fight back against existential forces (dark and evil or otherwise), then the Matrix will present the reflections of YOUR realities and expectations happily!

Yeah, so once again, while I’d like to help, six thousand dollars is WAY too frucking expensive for one person! WTF? Is there no end to this insanity? I was trying to send my healing by faith over the miles so he could avoid the expensive procedure. This hellish planet is VERY disappointing!


Evil Kitty

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