Dear diary,

I’m surrounded by stupid, dumb, and crazy humanz! The old man doesn’t care to find out why his damn air conditioner system didn’t work since last night. He passed on his BAD reptilian DNA to the boy, who was here the whole day yesterday. He too did NOT care to check why the AC wasn’t powering cold air! I hate them both! Idiots.

Das Squirrel has failed his family just like his father! And he has the nerve to be upset with his mother by suggesting to her that she should divorce the father who is too stupid, dumb, and crazy NOT to know how to give care or treat the wife nicely!

Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey know about IT, computers, and AV. And yet when we were having a dispute with Repsondent living directly adjacent to us, I was fuming that they both failed to be there for us! They could have offered to install a video surveillance system in and around the property for our protection. I hate them both! Idiots.

And all that fakery of joining us for luncheon yesterday, on Mother’s Day with flowers, and probably on Father’s Day is so frucked up! I can’t look directly at them in the eyeballs and yesterday’s presence of Das Squirrel has triggered his mother to get sick again! Those two ingrates do NOT understand their bad vibrations! But Mom does NOT understand why they are so unkind.

The other day his mother confided to me that she does NOT like the presence and energy of her stupid, dumb husband, who would suddenly appear without making a sound and thus startle her. She has a VERY bad feeling about him. I can smell the evil coming off from him. I hate his monthly gifts from them both as they complained it’s NOT worth giving to me, who is fuming because they are both stupid and dumb.

I’m already cursing that old man under my breath as I’m doing the same to these unholy reptilianz who dare infest and infiltrate my immediate surroundings. I’m fed up that I’m stuck on this hellish planet. I’m really hoping that God comes with his Holy Angels and fire up the forces that make us stupid, dumb, and crazy.

And that frucked up YouTube keeps disconnecting. The AT&T WiFi system has poor signals over the weekend and I don’t understand if they are toggling down the connnectiity of the internet. I’m using my frucked up Blackberry keyONE to remotely control the changing of YouTube channels.

Now the dumb, stupid one is checking out what happend to the bulky ass AC unit out back. I swear! Mom told me NOT to get married. I know God is being merciful to me. Because I’m gonna curse him too if he is stupid, dumb, and crazy in my presence.

I had literally SNAP in the head and realize that the husband will NEVER be capable of taking care of his wife or his family. And that is why Das Squirrel resents the husband because of his mistreatment and favoritism of my OLD family over us!

I have no relatives who seem to care. And last night ‘Amy’ is the only in-law by association that has the heart to check up on how is Mom. Amy has come from an abusive relationship with a husband who used drugs. I’m really disappointed in my paternal relatives who only care about their own stupid, dumb, and crazy kinds.

And so yesterday Das Squirrel is waiting for the DNA results of his damn saliva spit to find out his ‘ethnicity’. He’s crazy NOT to realize that he can tell who he is by his own parents, especially his own father, and his father’s relatives. We hardly know anything about his mother’s relatives.

So yeah, I too order a DNA kit to spit my shit into and find out if I’m a Gook, Chink, Jap, Flip, or some other satanic freak with crazy, dumb, or stupid genetic traits. In the Bible, we really shouldn’t trace back our ancestry because it’s already too mess up.

If only the TPTB and pals reveal if some of us a mean and nasty reptiliz or other unwanted hybrids, that would explain our bad behaviors! Frucked up! Big time.

Alas, the Lawd Gawd has assigned me to take over and I’m failing to fulfill that assignment of ‘helping others’, which was my heart felt prayer and thusly has been ‘thougthful’ creation of my personalized Matrix.

The ones that needed the most help were my family members. The answer exists underneath one’s nose. And I didn’t see that underneath my nose were my two feet, which is planted in the currently location of my HOME! So where my feet are located that is my existence@

Y’all may choose to give me grade letter of ‘F’ for being a failure and for being too stupid, dumb, and crazy to realize the REAL LIES of my existence belongs here and now and in the presence of the memorable moments with those whom I’m supposed to protect and love.


Frucked up Evil Kitty (hiss)

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  1. My first (ex) husband failed my daughter and I. He was mean, uncaring, and failed to properly take care of us. Always out drinking, partying, smoking, doing drugs, etc… And mean as hell. Just like my own father was. Both were Libra’s, so Libra men and I do not mesh well together, apparently. We finally split when my daughter was 5, because he got mad because I got a job. He was always abusive and high, so enough was enough.

    Fast forward to now, my current hubby is totally different and has always taken great care of me. I know my family and others, at first, wondered why I got with a dark skinned Hispanic, but it makes no difference to me the “package” he is in. It was the special advanced soul who dwelleth within that package that I saw from the very beginning. He has always been there for me AND my daughter. And she has told me that she loves him more than her own father. And there are very few out there like him. So the difference between these two is a definite night and day difference. I am very blessed indeed. And grateful and thankful.

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    • Point taken. Count your blessings! My maternal cousin Yesa married (maybe outta desparation, I do NOT know) her second husband, David (an Aussie), who would send money to her one and only son PeeWee, outta love. Now they are both vacationing in the Philippines. Lucky in love, I guess.

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  2. he is a blessing.
    To love and be loved. Not a guaranteed thing. One can commit honestly to family and friends in a truly loving and non-expectational way and receive nothing but scorn, contempt, and abusive derision. 

    So, what’s the problem?

    Self-centered egoism and entitlement in many cases; simple hatred of your existence and heart with most of the rest. And there is nothing to be done. For these people who spit on kindness and love will never, ever acknowledge that they do such things and behave in such ways, projecting their vicious behavior patterns on the object of their ire. Mainly you. It has always been thus. It’s all over the accurate Bible and many historical stories and legends. It is all around us.

    It is very true and yet, very sad. The most loving and kind person is the one most hated by the world. History shows us this, as do the realities of any such an advanced soul who, without effort, showers all with a smile, kindness, and courtesy.

    Of course, the high road is to love regardless. BUT ALSO TO NOT REWARD SUCH UGLINESS. Rewarding hate with doing for, being for, giving for only breeds further contempt a stunted soul conviction on the one projecting hate that they are right to hate your kind actions, tenderness, and thoughtfulness. It is a satanic take over of the mind and soul of someone suffering so, especially when all they have ever received from you, the loving man or woman, is all your best parts, plus the big one, SELF SACRIFICE.

    For the receivers of your boundless love, they miss out on soul bonding and life advancement coupled with the causal punishment of such stunted and hate-filled expression of self. They are literally retrograding in life to a point, with each passing day, that will take years, if not further, to correct. And if the person they are wronging-who is loving them so very completely-is no longer around for them to make spiritual amends, then for these errors and law-breakers (You shall love one another as you love yourself), the debt load upon the soul becomes enormous and leaves the person open to the world of hate-because that’s what does it, for sure-and that world is demonic, evil. and is the realm of Satan.

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  3. Kitties…four legged fur balls that buggle up and snuggle for love. MUST HAVE KITTY BUGGLES!

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  4. My silliness knows no bounds, as is plain as day.

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