Dear diary,

After placing two refrigerator magnets on a generic signed photo of DJT to me via the RNC (or GOP.com) site where I donated HUGE funds, thinking I’d get a nice placard and other pieces of paper, I noticed in the background of the photo there is a HUGE banner for the crowd to see from far away. The banner says: PROMISES MADE.

Those words triggered me to write this blog post. I recall what Pete that fat bastard told to me and in writing that he would keep his promise but apparently did NOT as I’m assuming the funds are in a ‘blind trust’ of some sort.

Going forward to team DJT and his POTUS pals, to instead of saying PROMISES MADE, I want y’all to rewrite your scripts to reflect PROMISES KEPT. Okay! Y’all are frucking up with your bad actors and ridiculous narratives of chaos, wars, racisms, and whatnot.

I also want the RNC and its GOP.com pals to stop sending me envelopes for donations – which I no longer want! I’m in the poor house and have no ways or means to donate anymore funds to losers, err, y’all! Thanks for the damn RNC pin but I do NOT need to be your lifetime member who is under and unemployed. Y’all are wasting your stamp and trees for pieces of paper.

Oh, yeah, while Mom was at the hospital, I proudly displayed the generic signed photo of Mister POTUS Trump. But Das Squirrel told me to put it away. He and his mother knew that we are in dangerous territory as the ECH is heavily infested and infiltrated with liberal and progressive thinkers.

One time a blackish nurse talked to us about that photo and I had to tell her that they (the RNC via the GOP.com) won’t stop sending me their donation envelopes. We suspect we were targeted as a result, which probably might explain why my mother has been feeling bad during her stay in the hospital and why she still feels like dying at home.


Evil Kitty with her agent Swollen Kitty

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  1. Here’s what I read one time to stop them from sending junk mail. If they supply a pre-postage-paid envelope in with it, put all the contents that was sent in the original package, including the original envelope, stuff it in the pre-paid envelope, and send it back to them. Make THEM pay for it. They’ll get the message and get you off their mailing lists quick, after they realize they’re losing $$$. It pisses me off of all the trees cut down to send this paper spam crap, and we need the trees intact for our oxygen.

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    • Brouhaha! I didn’t think about that one technique. It’s such a shame they do NOT get it and still have the nerve to waste paper, formerlly trees. Sheesh.

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      • Yeah, like the ancient tall trees that were cut down and/or wiped out by the Flood.

        Is why I like this video so much. Kent Hovind is talking about the pre Flood world and the higher oxygen back then being the reason people lived longer and didn’t age like we do now. Taller trees produce more oxygen. Increased atmospheric pressure allowing the trees to grow so big, from all the different texts I have read on the subject. And the Hometree in the movie Avatar, which is why I love the movie so much.

        So, we can’t make the trees grow that tall again, as only Dad could increase that atmospheric pressure to allow them grow like that again.

        So how to mimic that? That’s what the hyperbaric oxygen chambers do, and why people do so well in them.

        And also pre-flood, I think people were all vegetarians or vegan back then too. So it makes one think that perhaps eating meat is another life-shortener.

        So I wonder and ponder about all this kind of stuff.

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