Dear diary,

Regarding the idiots. I would like the humanz to hold off on birthing crazy, dumb, and stupid humanz. As per MM in her recent comment, y’all can do the incarnating souls a favor and be responsible and caring adult humanz by ensuring that y’all are capable of rearing brats.

Anyway, I do NOT wanna gloat but there was a Biblical passage in which Jesus was asked about marriage and he replied to one of the disciples that: Nah. You’re cool. Don’t push you luck.

So whatever the humanz created – the concept of nuclear family – one father and one mother versus the traditional ways of the tribal savages of caring for each other – that crap of committing adultery by either the husband or wife who remarried – it’s all “fake news”.

As for the sinners of Sodom and Gomorrah then and the LGBTQ community today, I don’t know how they are helping the depopulation agenda when they themselves are freaks and essentially do nothing to help and prevent more humanz from being messed up by your adoptions.

Yeah, so Das Squirrel and his Twit Wifey, my cousin Chill, and other gay cousins should count their blessing for being childless. It’s less stress, too.


Evil Kitty

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  1. Sometimes I wonder if my soul was birth bumped. Like birth-bumped into the wrong family and body.

    I see my NCR naturopath’s children, and her youngest one looks like a angel. The most beautiful child I’ve ever seen. She had the youngest baby at age 42, and birthed at home, with no vaccines, no tests, etc… Her two children are blessed indeed to have a father and mother who dared to keep them out of the system, at least partially.

    I would have loved to have been born to a mother and father like that. And never had to worry about satanists coming at me with a poisoned needle or dental molestation. Lucky and blessed children indeed!

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