Dear Lawd Gawd,

I pray that you give me a letter ‘F’ for forgiveness instead of a failed grade. I can NOT understand why you allow us humanz to encounter so much pain and suffering. Only you know best. And to show you what I mean, I have uploaded the above two photos to show the FUSE BOX.

I normally don’t ‘pray’ to you but when the going gets tough, my inner instincts, nay, my frustrations kick into high gear. I think the small voice is NOT really a voice but really YOUR thoughts of inspiration that enter my small mind, like what you did with the four quarters for one blogger.

So (once again, outta frustration), I OBEYED the ‘feeling’ or your guidance and went to open the street facing window (which is now blocked by our TALLER wooden fence) and heard that the AC unit was NOT making the usual loud sounds! I saw that its fan was moving but REALLY slow!

Immediately, I hurried outdoors, scremed expletives, and cursed under my breath! This is how I handle my stress because it seems that I’m the only in this OLD house that seem to know what next to do. Then of course my other outlet is blogging – publically humilating my human, Flynn.

And with your help, I’m able to fix the problem! I opened the UNLOCKED fuse box, saw that the square-like handled device was upside down (meaning the OFF side was towards the bottom), and pulled out the HUGE fuse and plugged it in with the word ON towards the top! Voila!

The AC worked prior to posting my rant about dumb, stupid, and crazy humanz surrounding me. Yup. You’re good but I’m assuming you have a wicked sense of humor. You let my family sweat it out the whole yesterday and almost the whole of today!

WTF? Sorry! I meant no offense. But damm it! I thank you nonetheless. Amen.


Evil Kitty

P.S. Normally, I wouldn’t retract my rants, but the Good Flynn ordered me to ask for your forgiveness. Brouhaha!

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  1. Awesome!

    Now this kinda reminds me back into the mid to late 90s, when my Ford Escort kept getting rain water into the head lights, which kept blowing the bulbs out. And I took it to someone to see about getting it fixed, and they wanted to gut the whole thing and charge me alot of money to replace the whole thing. Dunno what the whole thing is called.

    Anyway, so I go to the carwash where one of my sisters worked, and I sometimes worked, and the car was backed up onto a slanting ramp with the front down and the back end up. A hole was drilled to allow the water to drain out, and fixed the problem from then on out. So we all resolved it that way.

    Now me, being me, and pissed off that someone would rip off a struggling single mother (me), I go back to the original one who wanted to charge me outrageous prices, and rub it in his face that we fixed it ourselves at NO CHARGE whatsoever. The look on his face? Priceless. I had someone with me, and they thought it was funny I did that. Hahaha.

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