Hello boys and girls!

Tonight’s word is MIGTOW!

Let’s use it in a sentence.

Jack encountered Jill, a feminist. Jack was afraid of Jill and vowed to MIGTOW for the rest of his life.

The end.

Now go forth and educate yourself.

For those who have already doomed themselves in a bonded relationship, good luck! We told you so! You wanted it – you got it!

Anyway, the Memorial Day weekend has been peachy as we stayed indoors and enjoyed the bright sunshine, cool summer breeze filtering through the opened widow facing the street, and listening to relaxing instrumental music.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another glorious and blessed day and night as I try to get past my personal GIGTOW, if there is such as word for girls. Brouhaha!

I think I’m finished ranting. There isn’t much else to do as my caregiving days to my elderly parents come to a closure. It’s time to go back to work.


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Greetings, I'm an amateur blogger, who opines and whines on just about anything. Thank you.

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  1. MIGTOW – 1st wave, male version of feminism. Like it was for the women in the early 70s – legitimate grievances of oppression – so it is for men in our time, 50 plus years later.

    But watch out, it’s all a satanic construct and destroying male-female pair bonding and love, producing family.

    Family is big with the Creator. It’s the foundation of everything. The problems of family stem from the satanic influences that create the conflict, resentment, and lack of loving trust that makes for dysfunctional situations.

    And no kitties. Or doggies. Which I must have.

    Only confirmed bachelors and spinsters get to have doggies. But not moi. I get the family, but without the lady to balance and provide the feminine influences that are necessary for wholesome rounding out of the retarded children.

    I blame animal shelters, especially here in the LA area, who’d rather snuff out the lives of kitties and doggies, then see them off to loving arms.

    And I still didn’t get my kitty buggles. Because of epic gypness.

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