Hello boys and girl!

Today’s word is existential.

Let’s read the cat’s inner dialogue (as shared via text message by an OLD SOUL on 20180527-1804 in the below Facebook link to a hilarious video):

(Video via: instagram.com.tusstroll_and_tingeling)

This [beautiful blackish] cat having an existential crisis is me…

There are times when I forget I am a cat…

How does one be a cat?

I wash myself everyday but then stop…

Am I even clean?

Does my tongue make me clean?

How does the tongue work?

Perhaps, I am truly unclean?

It’s possible…

And yet i wash myself anyway…

How long have I been sitting here?

How long…?

What is time?

IG: @tussetroll_and_tingeling

Sometimes, I wonder if the ongoing narrative between good and evil has been ‘fake news’ for eons.

Evil Kitty

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4 replies

  1. Breezy back when he was still skinny. Had only had him a few days when this was made.

    He has gained weight and his face has filled out like a male cat’s face does sometimes. Looks more masculine now.

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    • Wondering if Breezy thinks about cat cleaniness and other time stuff.

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      • I know he’s better at it than Miracle was. Miracle would go to cat and leave stuff uncoverred. Breezy would come along behind Miracle and cover it for him. Breezy licks himself after going to bathroom, and Miracle hardly ever did. Miracle did clean his face after eating, and so does Breezy. Even when we took Miracle to the vet, they said to us, this cat doesn’t groom himself properly. And I’m like, who you telling?

        Breezy has always had better hygiene.

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