Dear diary,

Welp, the Lawd Gawd has answered MY prayer; despite my mother’s well-wishes and good luck that I may finally get to work so that I could be at a different place to meet humanz. I told her that I already done all that many slong years ago but I did NOT like it!

So after emailing my resume to Christina and speaking to her briefly about a temporary assignment up north, she sent me several emails informing me that Alex would be calling me to obtain my birthday and SSN; but he never did.

However, I received an email from the government at around 0308 AM this morning notifying me that I should ‘Review [My] Identity Record’, which I finished a few minutes ago. I printed and saved as .pdf for each webpage as future reference.

I could find NOTHING. But that triggered my thoughts that this particular head hunter went ahead and snooped on my ‘identity’.

I found some Derogortory Information on or about the year of 2010 when I ran outta funds from a BAD DEBT EXPENSE starting in the year of 2000 and after SELF-SACRIFICING my hard-earned stash (from revolving lines of credit and government benefits) to him two years earlier.

(See? The ‘network’ actually funded him via moi. I’m afraid that is the truth as there is no escape while stuck on this hellish planet, or Satan’s domain. Sigh.)

Yeah, and so I am wondering if my favorite alphabet soup agency was reading one of my blog entry YESTERDAY and if they decided to do the snooping ahead of my head hunter. Frucking idiots, y’all still owe me an explanation!

Anyway, I spiritually rationalized that I must stay at home for my Mommy Dearest. Because this morning she was fetching a meat stuff item from the freezer in our garage. And when she crossed the inner door leading inside the house, she almost freaking fell down!

OMG! That would have meant another emergency situation and a visit to her preferred hospital as a frequent flyer, which some staff remembered well, especially Mom whom they would greet with smiles and hugs. Wow.

Yeah, even the former director of heart stuff remembered Mom and Dad during the VERY first heart forum held by him and other cardiologists around the passage of the scary ObamaCare. They knew they’d be dinged for NOT being transparent and they’d would most certainly loose patients as as result of the passage of ACA.

Well, so thank you God. You know best, I guess.


Flynn B.

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