Dear diary,

At 22:15 pm tonight, I received an email from a ‘pal’. And for whatever reason, Google had set his email into my Spam folder! Oh, the nerve of the governmental network would dare Spam his email.

Anyway, my experience was NOT entirely him. My bad English jumbled and coded that one paragraph to indicate that, yeah, that’s how I found out about that information on my identity tonight.

Many slong years ago, when he was into that crystalized movement, I requested that he make one device for that ‘friend’, who was the ORIGINAL trigger to my experience. Of the three devices sent, one felt very strong in the palms of my hand! I was unpacking the stuff in my bedroom upstairs at that time.

But prior to packing the shipment for that ‘friend’, I mixed up the one that was intended for that ‘friend’! And so I think I sent all three crystalized devices to that ‘friend’ overseas. I think there were smaller ones and that I requested that ‘friend’ to bury those into the soil. That ‘friend’ told me that he buried those into the soil per one of our many cellphone discussions.

Yeah, technically I cannot mess with that ‘friend’ or his group because he too was tested by ‘them’ to be ‘spiritually gifted’, like him all ‘those years ago’. And I accepted my fate and gullible decisions and dropped the whole thing as an ‘experience’.

So, I guess I’m NOT so smart after all. But I PROBABLY would be willing to do so many times over again as is dictated by my spiritual assignment, I guess. He and that ‘friend’ added to my experience and I cannot deny I felt cheated.

But I learned a hard lesson that I can NOT forget.



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