Dear diary,

Well, I’ve received yet another email from a ‘pal’ on 22:30 pm tonight. Once again, my English is bad but that’s the closest I’ll ever get to an online confessional.

To make a slong story short, I failed to ‘do research before investing in new projects’. I dumped all my eggs into at least two baskets. In essence, I wanted to feel ‘lucky with regards to my sons and investments’.

Then I keep reading about depressing stories of humanz going through pain and suffering. And I felt cheated that the return on investment has NOT manifested (to my egoistic expectations).

I didn’t listen to my spider sense or heed to advise ‘to beware of financial dealings with foreigners and so-called religous leaders’. As a result, I got that derogotory information on my identity.

No matter! I’m still alive. I still have my family and some wits left in me. Though at times, I feel that I may have been black listed. I may be making things up as I go along and it is NOT good to speculate or create ‘fake news’.



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