Dear diary,

At 00:43 AM, I received a RARE text message from one of our church leaders. He inquired on the status of my parents and I inquired if he received my Mom’s voicemail message on his wife’s cellphone. He recently buried his mother in the Philippines two Sundays ago, a day after his ordination, which is a big deal for his kinds.

Anyway, at 00:04, I received yet another email from a ‘pal’. His multiple emails are RARE; since I’ve known him online since the year of 2004, the time when he left the movement. Such timing of meeting this good soul is NO co-incidence as God knows best!

And so with much deliberation, I had to do what I’m used to doing. I wasn’t sure on the amount and pulled up my historical archives and remembered that in order to avoid a courtesy phone call from ‘them’, I’d had to keep below a certain limit.

I’m wondering why he hasn’t shared his smartphone number, if any. Heck, the monthly payments are NOT cheap! It might be faster to send text messages for kicks. I do NOT care for being tracked or monitored; since I do use Google. There is NO FEAR if y’all on the correct path with NO guile or ill will whatsoever.

Yeah, so the guy had a jet lag after coming home from the Philippines since Sunday. And I guess his wifey is up this late also and wondering WTF is my husband sending text message this late? Brouhaha!

Just so you know he help as a volunteer ‘arbitrator’ between Respondent and me. I told Das Squirrel the other day that she might be ‘spiritually gifted’, too, because he said most Filipinos have the connection. I tested her ‘perception’. During the surprise meeting with her two years ago, I sent a thought to her crazy brain to ‘say sorry’. And she followed up with ‘I’m sorry, too’. Carl recorded all our verbal exchanges.

California is so frucked up when crazies like her do NOT get help she needs to STFU. Well, we did get help and our restraining order and that put a stop to her stupidity. But now she has a sign board up for the Mayor of Milpitas, CA. Stupid bitch, she lives in San Jose, CA. And should be campaigning for her city not theirs. The Filipino politician should quit campaigning ENTIRELY to get her off his back, seriouly.

With that said, I hope God sends her far away. Or if I can move, say, in SoCal, that would be a BIG change and away from my elderly parents, which probably wouldn’t be fair to them either; since this old house is paid off. Sheesh.



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