Behold! Attached is an image showing a photo of Jesus of Nazareth. Along side this photo which was probably placed overnight by Respondent living directly adjacent to us, there is her long time sign board: Smile You Are on Camera.

I recently purchased a HUGE three-paneled makeup mirror for my pull-down side sunshield visor, which I would turn downward and pivot to the left side, reflecting her EVIL.

Y’all will notice that there is one of two cameras pointed into my general direction since 2009, when she committed adultery with Juan while married to Billy, whom she got a legal financial separation (or divorce) from him.

During darkness and whenever our vehicles drive upon our driveway, her eletronic sensor would trigger and extremely bright floodlight, located directly underneath the camera.

There is a second camera facing the opposite direction above the garage, mirroring only on the other side of her driveway. She has a third sensor that also triggers the floodlight to shine in our driveway.

My parents refuse to build a privacy wall or block the lights with tall trees, shrubs, or bushes. That’s how evil they are in their own special way. And the twosome I mentioned about NOT helping to install video surveillance systems in and around our property has NOT said much.

She currently has two signboard for politican candidates. She trying to show off her thug side. Parishioners and her co-workers at the special education classes think she is too bossy (a boss lady) and that they have NOTHING do to with her.

If God can answer our prayers, she needs to be totally restrained or at least go far away from us. A nice microwave would be nice. Or maybe he kitteh needs some beating for being EVIL.



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Greetings, I'm an amateur blogger, who opines and whines on just about anything. Thank you.

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  1. And so it shall be done, according to your wishes.

    This is for all of our Father’s elect, put on the whole armor of Yahua, the Torah.
    As per Matthew 24, that which I bind on Earth, will be bound in Heaven.
    Yahua bene Elohim…I ask and pray on the name and blood of Yeshua that all enemies of you, Yeshua, and Felinda’s family, your children of Yahua, be protected from all attacks, both human and demonic. That you send them to the dry places, cut the cords between them and the dark principalities in High places, and banish them to Sheol. Return to all those who cast spells, serve darkness, practice deception, and otherwise engage in all manner of wickedness against her family here this day and all days. return to them 100 fold and manner of making, curses, spells, and craft sent against them. I ask this on the name and blood of Yeshua, which as commanded whence so asked, will be honored. Thank you in abundance for your protection and blessings. Amen.

    Those that can be saved and are in the book of life, let them come to repentance. Those who are the children of the wicked one, let them be stifled and punished for their ongoing crimes.

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    • Bless you, Don. During an exchange, I was trying to minister to her and told her rather boldly that if she repented, God would forgive. I never did that to anyone. And she stated to me that she repented to God in an angry voice. I recorded the stuff. Sheesh.

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  2. using Yeshua’s likeness in a hate campaign is a form of spiritual blasphemy. If the person “knows better” it becomes a sin against the Holy Spirituous, Sangria de Real. Something that has real consequences. If she is of the Father, ie, a child, than this can be a vector for repentance. If not, the punishment is quite…final.

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