The lady and the pear https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-lady-and-pear.html

OMG! I LOVE READING THESE BEAUTIFUL STORIES! That’s why I follow your blog(s).

I send her and her ‘kinds’ my utmost blessings, hugs, and smiles.


P.S. I just unloaded a major watery dump and my habit is to check my online reading material.

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  1. So the other day, Robert comes in and asks if I want some cut up fruit for a snack.

    Guess what it was?


    He said he bought some pears this time. And they were good.

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  2. 20180530-2252. While walking off my swollen lower extremities and stiffened joints, I re-read the blog and meditated upon the Biblical passage of Galatians 5:7-10, which reflected my earlier thought this morning that worse comes to worse the trigger can be done by His will via DB, of course. Yup. Do NOT doubt unto moi. Just waiting for that time.


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