Welp, I’m still awake and watching YouTube videos and ‘liking’ them. And as I drifted off to sleep while I held my smart phone in my left hand, I awoke with a sudden jolt. Then I recalled going to a movie at night with that same ET. We watched a martial arts film called ‘Return of the Dragon’.

So we sat at the front row, middle section, and got a good view from the left side. For whatever reason, I had an angery. I guess I didn’t like the violence and took long deep breaths to power up.

Of course, later on and after a few minutes, both my arms flung forward towards the large screen as if I wanted to throw two power balls from the palms of my hands. I looked around to see if anyone noticed. None. Whew.

I later read from the couple’s adventures with that crystallized movement that one can power up a prayerful boost by a series of deep breathing. And this is layered with the New Aged practice of centering in the heart.

Phooey! I outta jot down each paranormal experiences and y’all can collaborate with your weird stories. I’ve yet to post the orbs videos from our ADT system as the only proof of phenom – live in action. Yup.

Do NOT doubt unto moi!

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