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20180531-0211. Welp, besides these daily occurrences of numerical communication of double and triple digits by ‘them, I’ve been feeling woozy for the past couple of weeks.

The feeling is as if I’m stopped in the middle of something, a calm or a swoon would come over me as if I wanna sleep, and then recently my joints are starting to lock up.

An Old Soul said that those who worked near the 5G thingies just drop dead. Yup.

The incoming thoughts of indifference, of no difference, of ambivalence, of complacency may be reflected in my blogs, as a result of these constant bombardment from the cellphone towers.

And as such, I’ve already been in contact with an ET, one of whom I’ve blasted backwards with a simple thoughtful command of: NO! He was trying to do a mind meld until I realized what he was doing and I had to command him to stop.

Please, please, I don’t know if these chumps are playing me for a fool, putting up an act to make me believe, or controlling my mind in a symbiotic relationship.

Yeah, this was around the year of 2004 when I searched online and read about the couple’s adventures with the crystallized movement.

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