Dear diary,

While splurging on the remaining chocolate bars and washing down with COLD milk 100%, I had my incoming thought reminding me to blog about the weather.

During my crystallized crazed days (a rhyme which is mine and copyrighted), I was always checking the weather, mostly temperature, and taking photos of fluffy puffy clouds of white against crispy clear blue skies, which is what we had later in the afternoon.

For a while the clouds were marching in a solid grayish layer on the bottom with its tops fluffed, as if the rain would fall. But there was no smell of rain or rain. The temperature was cold today as was yesterday. Hmm.

Behold! I know why the weather changed drastically from scorching heat to freezing cold. ‘They’ remembered that I prefer colder climates via an email message to that effect many slong years ago!

Because sweating makes me sticking and stinky and I do NOT like taking showers or baths! The cleaning activity is too tiring. I may need a longer tongue, like a cat!

Anyway, I read somewhere or viewed a video that God controls the weather. But Das Squirrel said that a weather modification technology has been in full effect for a while.

And so, once again, I don’t know if ‘they’ have full control of our realities in this Matrix and are messing around with our perceptions and observations, or if we are allowed the free-will to ‘participate’ with altering realities in our symbiotic thought processes, or if we are truly independent of the Matrix.

All I know if that I’m getting more perceptive. After replying to the head hunter’s email with my current resume a couple of days ago, I sensed that the client was HUGE. After receiving the head hunter’s follow-up phone call about my job interview next week, I sensed correctly!

I received the follow-up email on the job description and the address location where I’d be interviewing. Long ago, I may have ‘thought’ to be near my favorite airfield base.

After all, I grew up in a military family and we OWE our current government and other government agents from the past that much of our cooperation for helping us.

So yeah in return for ‘their’ help, I am hoping to ‘reciprocate’ my time and remaining ‘health’ for a lower wage and for a job type that is outta my speciality and enjoy myself. I’ve got another decade before I get to retire. That’s how OLD I am!

Ack! That did NOT sound correct! I’m a damn liar! I wanna get outta this house! Working for wage and salary is like a vacation away from these two elderly parents! They also need a break from looking at my fugly face 24/7 – for crying out loud!

As long as I have a copy of my restraining order to protect me and my smart phone to call the cops in case Respondent stalks me to work, I’m good. And besides, I’m so used to driving that road for the last FORTY YEARS. The number of that piece of paper ends in my upcoming birthday age and is filed under my dad’s name.

I told my parents to rent this old house and let us buy a second house nearby our preferred location, so the travel would NOT be so long during our older years. This afternoon we found a physical therapy clinic that is easy for Dad to navigate in case I start working.

That means he gets to drive Mom, who got a Senior ID card from the DMV last year or so, since we decided she does NOT need to drive due to her medical conditions. She would have passed the DMV written test and maybe NOT the vision test, despite her two ocular implants.

Yeah so it’s 23:48 pm and I’ve finished processing Mom, who is getting forgetful as misplacing her small needle threader, and my laundry of soapy underwear for me and baby blanket for our injured Lutino parakeet Mister Mel.

While brushing my teeth, I had my incoming thought to share about how God absolutely refuses to come back to Earth, this hellish planet; because humanz ask unnecessarily for too much and they get angry when don’t get what they want.


Further, his frustrated anger may have been reflected as the HOT scorcher¬†these past few days. I noticed this weather anomaly happened a couple or more times in the past when there was a delay in filling Evil Kitty’s empty bowl with enough paws.

So when I filled Evil Kitty’s empty bowl with at least one paw two days ago, lo and behold, my local weather temperature dropped to my favorite cool summer breezy feeling, just the way I like it! I wonder if he is one of ‘them’. Nah.

That’s why I’m slow and speechless because my words cannot truly capture these countless awe-inspiring experiences, just like Das Squirrel who reported to us that he crashed (yet ‘floated’ UNINJURED) while riding his bicycle with a competitive group in Wilderness Ranchero last Saturday!



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